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Did you know that kids right here in Okaloosa County are struggling over the weekends? There is a large percentage of kids that depend on free or reduced lunch at school between Monday and Fridays and then are having a difficult time finding food or being able to afford food on the weekends.  When we discovered this, we  decided to create a 501(c)(3) faith based non-profit and help these families out and fulfill this need. 


HarvestHands partners with the guidance counselors in the local schools to identify high-risk children in the community. We offer a *free* weekend bag filled with food to those children that qualify for free and reduced lunch. How is it free you ask?? By donations from the community!  Your donations of food, clothing or money goes straight to the kids in need. HarvestHands is the middle man between your donation and its recipient. The child's name remains anonymous.  


The guidance counselor lets us know of any other well-being needs a child might have as well. For example, now that it is cold outside, some kids don't own a coat. We engage the community to donate new or good condition coats by blasting the need on social media and through communication with our strong community partnerships with the surrounding church benevolence ministries as well as the surrounding non-profits. Check out our Community Needs Spotlight section to see what you can donate!

 We partner with the community to care for its neediest residents. We hope you'll consider a partnership in giving with HarvestHands!

**As of March 1 we are supplying over 50 children in Niceville bags of food for the weekends! Thank you for your support!

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